Our cabinet


Set up in 2002, our company is built around a single goal: ensure the safety of our clients' assets.

Our forces: physical proximity, management of your assets throughout the French territory, our team’s skills, 100% of insurance on rents and expenses from the first missed payment.
There are two distinct missions in a property management:

  • - A commercial one: the rent mission
  • - A legal and commercial one : the management mission

For the first mission we rely primarily on the network LAFORET, with whom we have a relationship of trust and cooperation for many years.

For the second one we made the following observation:

When an owner wants to entrust the management of an apartment to an agency, it often addresses to an agency’s commercial assistant, who in addition to the secretariat must deal with the management of commercial, administrative, as the phone, inspections, visits and also answer your questions. You can not be experts in everything!

The current political and economic context requires a 'hyper-specialization’ and expertise is regularly updated to effectively protect the owners from the risks related to the rental.

In Menton did not yet exist a non-commercial management company able to offer a dedicated partner, specialized in rental management.

That’s precisely on this basis that we have created: LOCATIONGESTION.COM, a non-commercial structure with great skills:

  • 1. Legal relationship with the owner
  • 2. Sinister management accounting
  • 3. the search for renters, entrusted to our partners, who receive a renting delegation mission.